The Zorro™ Dice Game: Stunts and Allies


Zorro's iconic (and sometime bumbling) allies join the fight in this "challenge level 3" expansion to The Zorro™ Dice Game.

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Pledge Manager Going Live and EU VAT
3 days ago – Wed, Sep 22, 2021 at 05:32:49 PM

Hello heroes,

There are a lot of important items to discuss in this update, so please look through the headlines for the ones that apply to you.

BackerKit Pledge Manager Going Live

The BackerKit pledge manager survey is going live and will be open for 1 month. You will receive an email on how to complete it at some point today, so check those inboxes. For those new to Kickstarter, completing this survey is required to receive your reward and is used for these things:

  • Allows you to input your address so we know where to ship your reward. (and you can change it later in the BackerKit pledge manager too)
  • Allows you to pay for the shipping and any taxes your government requires with various payment methods.
  • Allows you to customize your pledge so you can add on additional items or even change your reward level.

Other notes specifically for this campaign:

  • The initial question will let you opt-in to getting your name forever memorialized on the Big Box if you backed at a reward level that includes it.
  • Anything you choose to add on comes with free shipping.
  • Your credit card will not be charged until we begin freight shipping, which will likely be in January or February. We will keep you updated on the schedule as we go.


As many of you know, there has been major changes to how VAT is handled in the UK and EU this year that are affecting how individuals in those regions will receive their games and pay for the VAT required by their governments. 

UK Backers: We have a UK VAT numbers now so we will charge you your country's VAT in the pledge manager and ship to you with duties paid, meaning you won't have to pay anything or do anything special when you receive your reward. 

EU Backers: The cost of registering for an EU VAT or IOSS number is very large, especially the part about paying an intermediary to file EU VAT returns for us every month since we are not based in the EU. This campaign did not raise enough to justify that cost. As a result, we will not be charging EU VAT in the pledge manager. You will pay the VAT when you receive your reward. Your local post office will also likely charge you a ridiculously large handling/administration fee, so we are offsetting that cost for you in two ways:

  • Everyone in the EU gets free shipping.
  • Because you get free shipping, the amount on which your VAT is calculated will be smaller, so you will pay less VAT.

Although we understand there may be some hassle when you receive your reward to pay the VAT, at least we can cover the cost above what you would've had to pay in the pledge manager. And of course, if you'd prefer a full refund, we're happy to do that for you.

By giving you free shipping, we will lose money on every EU order, but it will be far, far, far less than the money we would lose by registering for VAT or IOSS and paying an intermediary every month. Thanks for your understanding.

Pledge Manager Stretch Goal

We're a little bummed we didn't get to increase the count of wooden stunt tokens to 54 and engrave them because they look so amazing that way and the additional tokens let you keep them all on your Allies from the beginning of the game rather than having a shared pile. 

So if we get a combination of 25 people who either upgrade from the $1 or $19 level to a deluxe or higher reward level, we'll include it! Switching to one of those levels will also get your name on the Big Box. We'll also include anyone who late pledges for a deluxe copy in the count so let your friends know they can go to THIS LINK to still get in on the limited version of the game. 

We'll let you know in the next update whether this stretch goal was accomplished.

Sleeve Sale

We didn't hit the minimum order quantity for the custom sleeves so we're going to have extras. That means we're going to give you a special deal where you can get enough sleeves for all of your Zorro cards (165 sleeves) for just $10 and free shipping. These are very high quality sleeves that could actually be used for other games too so you might want to use this opportunity to stock up.

Past Games Sale

You can also get a deal (and free shipping) on limited versions of some of our past games that have been on Kickstarter like Good Cop Bad Cop®, New Salem, and Barker's Row, but we only have a handful of those left.

Pull the Pin Agents Shipping Promo Codes

You can get a discount on your shipping costs by downloading the Pull the Pin Games mobile app or on the web here and creating an account with your Kickstarter email address. This will show you which games you've backed or purchased from us and the benefits you received based on what you've backed and the app will give you the latest rules and detailed FAQs for the cards.

Steps to get your discount code in the app:
      1. Download and open the app and go to Account at the bottom or go to the web here.
      2. Log-in or create an account using your Kickstarter email address.
      3. Go to Benefits.
      4. Look for the benefit called "(YOUR RANK) Discount".
      5. Copy the promo code you see and use it in the BackerKit pledge manager to receive your shipping discount.

The higher rank you are, the larger the discount.

First 24 Hour Facemask

For those who backed in the first 24 hours, you'll see your free Facemask of Zorro added on already.

Live Campaign Feedback

If you wouldn't mind giving us 1-2 minutes of your time, we'd love to hear what you thought (anonymously) about the live portion of the Kickstarter campaign RIGHT HERE so we can cater the next one more to you. 

As always, you can also reach out to us with questions through a Kickstarter message, an email to, or a comment here.

Whew, I think that's it! Thanks everyone!

Clayton and Brian

Coupon Codes in Pledge Manager
4 days ago – Wed, Sep 22, 2021 at 01:56:01 PM

Some of you have not been able to apply your Pull the Pin Agents shipping discount coupon codes in the BackerKit pledge manager so we wanted to give you an update on the situation. 

The problem is that, by default, the coupon codes in BackerKit do not work if the only balance you have is from shipping costs. So if you're not adding anything on, you won't even see the Coupon Code field. The PTP Agents program was just getting started during this point in our last campaign so this is the first campaign where we've had a lot of usage for it.

We're still waiting to hear back from BackerKit on whether they can remove this restriction. Hopefully they can and then everyone can finish their surveys. If not, we'll have to do manual discounts for many of you, which will be a mess... but we'll do it. If you're one of the folks who wants to use their discount on shipping, just hold off on completing your survey for now. We'll have a solution in the next few days, one way or another, at which point we'll send another update.

Back soon,

Clayton and Brian

Coupon Codes in Pledge Manager Part 2
4 days ago – Wed, Sep 22, 2021 at 10:08:24 AM

This is only about Pull the Pin Agents promo codes, so if they do not apply to you, you can ignore this update. 

We heard back from BackerKit and sadly there is no way for them to allow the Coupon Code to be used on shipping. So we're going to have to add what they call a "complimentary credit" instead and we have done so for everyone who mentioned they were having trouble adding it.

What You Need to Do

For those in the Pull the Pin Agents program:

  •  If you ARE adding any items to your pledge, just use your promo code that you'll find in the app or on the web into the Coupon Code field when you are filling out your BackerKit survey after you have added your item(s).
  •  If you are NOT adding any items to your pledge and have a balance from shipping, send us a Kickstarter message or email and we will give you a credit instead.

Your credit card will not be charged until just before we begin shipping in January or February so, as long as you see the "complimentary credit" on your account, you're all set. You don't have to take any action in the BackerKit pledge manager. 

Moving Forward

Since we like BackerKit a lot and we don't plan to change pledge managers any time soon, after this campaign, we'll just have to say that these codes only work on stuff you add on to your pledge because if this would have been a bigger campaign, these manual credits would have been a nightmare. We have submitted a feature request to BackerKit to allow these codes to optionally be applied to shipping costs, so hopefully they implement that feature in the future.

Sorry this hasn't been a smooth process everyone!

Clayton and Brian

Live Campaign Heroic Feat Accomplished
about 1 month ago – Sat, Aug 21, 2021 at 01:15:00 AM

The live portion of the campaign is now complete, heroes! Thank you so much for being our "allies" on this one and supporting us to this point. An extra shout out to @WEREDINO, @SAMHAIN, @Eckberger, @Dennis, @Ethan, @Ezekiel, @Joe, and everyone else who kept those comments lively! Keep reading for some juicy details on what's to come.

Final Facemask Poll Results

The black facemask with the Z has won the vote by a wide margin. That's a big change from the original one so I'm glad we asked you so we can give you the the style the majority of you prefers. And thanks for voting!

More Allies

In the final hour, we came within $75 of hitting the $20K stretch goal for 2 additional ally cards so we're going to pretend we hit it and include them in the ally pack. Hurray! 

Your Name on the Big Box

Another stretch goal we can still include even though we didn't hit it is the one for putting your name on the Big Box because that doesn't cost us anything extra. Since you helped make this game a reality, it seems right that you can literally get your name on it. This is an opt-in opportunity for those who backed at (or upgrade to) a level that includes the Big Box so we'll ask you which name (if any) you'd like on it during the pledge manager. Pretty sweet, huh?!

Board Game Binge Not-So-Live Interview

Yesterday I (Brian) was a guest on Board Game Binge, a podcast and vidcast focusing on the people in the industry. It seems there was a technical snaffu with the "live" portion where we thought we were live but in fact we were not. Sorry if you tuned in hoping to watch live. :(

But we did talk about Zorro, this expansion, licensing games in general, and what's coming up next for Pull the Pin Games. Here's the recording of it if you want to check it out:


The pledge manager will be sent out to you in about 2 weeks. That's where you can upgrade your pledge, add on specific items, correct payment issues, and pay for taxes and shipping. It's also where you can specify which name you want on the Big Box. We'll keep that open until the first week in October. Then manufacturing begins! 

We'll keep you well informed as we go. That means you'll get one of these updates about once per month. If you ever don't see one and it has been longer than that, you just want a personal update, or you have a question, please feel free to send us a message here on Kickstarter or email

That's it for now. Thanks again for making this possible and joining Zorro's fighting legion!

-Brian and Clayton

Final Days, French Rules, Live on Facebook
about 1 month ago – Wed, Aug 18, 2021 at 09:47:59 AM

We have less than 3 days remaining, heroes! Here's a video backer @Steve sent over to us you can watch or listen to as you read the rest of this update because it might as well be the theme song for the campaign. Nice find, @Steve!

French Rules

We know the Zorro universe is a big hit in the French community so backer @Morgan graciously volunteered to translate the rules. We took the translations and created proper PDFs of each:

Thank you, @Morgan!

Video Creator Showing Deluxe Components

This is a unique and fascinating video. The creator of the amazing video for the game, Ori Kagan, went through the deluxe components we sent him from the original campaign as he describes how he put them into the video. Watch and learn what goes into creating a video like this.

Live with Board Game Binge

Brian will be live with Board Game Binge on their Facebook Page on Thursday at 3pm US Pacific time for a quick discussion about the game and likely some indie publisher types of topics. Or you can listen at your leisure later on their podcast or YouTube channel.

Now let's knock out some more stretch goals before the end!

-Clayton and Brian